Monday, March 28, 2011

Long or Short?

I have booked myself a haircut appointment in 2 weeks. Thinking about chopping it short again like last year because my boys have acquired a new skill, i.e. pulling my hair hard when I carry them unless I put my hair in ponytail and also my most hated season--> summer is coming.

See, I was just able to curl my hair again after letting it grow for a year-so now, should I just leave it and keep it long therefore I can play with it, or cut it short and don't worry about maintenance for another year? decision..decision.

Anyway, I had time to take some shots today though my boys suddenly cried for attention :D
It's been a while, so hope you enjoy them!


ODJ: Voille Top from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Cargo Jeans from J. Brand, Balenciaga City Bag, Chanel J12 and Mater Claude 85mm Christian Louboutin pump.


  1. I LOVE how your hair looks in the photos. That's a look to keep :)

  2. I vote for long! Simply because I hate the grow out period of short hair. Neither here nor there and eventually I end up cutting it short and I'm back to square one!

  3. Sass, see i hate the in between length too, very annoying, plus you can barely do anything with it. I guess i may just trim it.

    Priscilla, thanks for the compliment!!