Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ballet Flat from J.Crew

I always have a thing about ballet flat. I wore my super soft black ballet flat (Winona) from Country Road (Australian brand) in every opportunity until the leather peeled, need to be re-soled and one day it was raining like crazy and my lovely ballet flat were ruined (the glue on the insole was coming off, soaking wet with rains).

When I went back to Sydney last May, I had the opportunity to go back to Country Road and buy another. I bought the red one and I baby these shoes so much and this could be why they are still in good condition. On top of these I already have Ferragamo and Chanel ballet flat, but honestly they are not as comfy as my CR's.

Anyway, on Wednesday I stopped by J.Crew and checked out their sales. Nothing out of interest (phewww), but I finally tried on their ballet flat and it's super soft and comfy. I didn't buy them but now I cannot stop thinking about it. I'm eyeing the nude color ("Pale Oak") and right now I basically HOPE they still have my size by Monday. If the store don't have them I guess I can buy them online, but I hope I don't have to do that (because I don't want to pay for shipping). Fingers cross!!


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