Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cartier and Saks Promotion

Just in case you are planning to add to your Cartier collection, Cartier at Saks Dadeland Mall, FL (the only Saks that has Cartier in it), is having a promo right now where you can buy any piece(s) you want with 12 months no interest with your Saks MPA account. I can refer you to my wonderful SA there. She's very good with returning calls and she's impeccable with her packaging.  Let me know soon since the promo will run for another 2 weeks and as of right now she has a pretty good selection, including Love bracelets in YG or even RG.

Happy Easter!



  1. hmmm... ive always held off opening a Saks account, prefering to shop at NM since its closer to me... BUT, Cartier at 12 mos interest free sounds tempting... Would you know if theres an additional discount for opening an account and yes pls, may I have your SA's info?
    Thank you!

  2. Yea, I checked with my SA at NM and she said NM will not stock Cartier anymore. I think they used to (in Dallas). There is no extra discount for opening the acc, as all Cartier's SAs are not allowed to do so. My SA is in Florida, her name is Georgina Sang (305-661-7537). You can tell her that Nadia sent you :-)

  3. Thank you!!! This is really tempting me lol. Need to check with the hubs as I just got a couple of goodies from LV last week. Too many beautiful things, too little time, lol.

    How are you enjoying wearing 2 bangles? Does it clink and make an annoying noise (like some bangles do)? I have a size 18 too :)

  4. No problem! Mine don't clink or making noise because they are not a loose fit. When they are loose, I would assume they would go up and down freely thus the clink. How's the fit on your love bracelet? Is it currently snug-ish?

  5. I just saw you replied to my question! I have a size 18 too, and it's a bit of a loose fit (I can turn it completely around, and move it up and down) but that is the way i like it. Ive always been hesitant to get another one because i need to get an 18 again, and i think it might make a lot of noise lol.