Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Want Green

I want a shopping bag, no zip, easy on the shoulder, no fuss and I want it in green. I was considering Goyard St Louis but not keen about the non-leather part. I love how you can personalize it with your initials though. I think it's so cute. But back to non-leather, I just couldn't do it. After all the bag is not a few hundred dollars ya know.

Anyway, I search around and I think I found the one from Prada. The green is pre order till April but I can wait. It's leather, green and cheaper than Goyard. I'm happy.



  1. Gorgeous bag! Do you know what kind of leather it is?

  2. I think so too! They are pebbled calfskin. I have my brown Prada with the same material, it's durable and soften with use..considering I had my boys spill their bottles on it many times.