Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello, it's been a while yeah. Totally my bad!
What's been happening? Well..we finally did our family photoshoot. I was planning to get newborn pictures but Winston was sick for the first 12 weeks of his life, so I've been postponing it. Alas, I still dont have newborn pictures since they are in a way no longer a newborn. So we decided to just do family photoshoot during the memorial day long weekend when the boys were 4 months 1 week. And guess what, it was a success..no cries! Here is something funny, the outfits that I bought for them for the photoshoot pretty much useless because they didn't get to wear them. But yeah, momma is crazy too. She didn't end up wearing her new Vivienne Tam's dress haha, instead she's wearing her Banana Republic silk top. It's not even new if you know what I mean :D
Lesson learned: things are not always go according to plan you know! Just saying....

These are some sneak previews from our photographer. She is super awesome, highly recommended if you are in Austin area and thinking of doing newborn, family or engagement shots!

Other things, umm yeah I also been buying like mad woman. Some of the items that I got recently (hopefully I will get around to take pics!!):
  • Chanel Camellia Jelly Sandals (Black sandal/White Camellia)
  • Chanel Camellia rainboots in Navy Blue
  • Chanel Camellia WOC in royal blue patent.
  • Givenchy Pandora in black/silver hardware
That said, you just reminded me, I'm thinking of selling my Chanel Reissue Grey Camera Case (mine is Medium size, the exact same bag as Reese Witherspoon-see picture below).
Contact me if you are interested. I probably want to get a new tote as a replacement, haven't decide which one yet. If you know me, you know that all my bags are 100% authentic. The only thing that I don't have with this bag is the box. However I do have everything else (authenticity card, dustbag, serial number sticker still properly intact) and the bag is in pristine condition as I rarely use it.

Update 06/09/11: Chanel Reissue Camera Case - SOLD


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