Thursday, January 6, 2011

36 weeks!

As promised, this is me today at 36 weeks :-)
Huge as I can be, but definitely excited to meet the boys..

ODJ: Jacket from Express, Top from Forever21, Camera Bag from Chanel, Skinny Jeans from A Pea in the Pod and Materna Kitten Heels from Christian Louboutin.



  1. so cute!!! wishing you luck with your twins!!!

  2. Oh my wow!!! How in the world have I missed such important things?! You're pregnant?! With twins?!?! AHHH!!! Congrats!!!!!! That is so amazing!!!

  3. Thank you all!! Time does fly so quickly I cannot believe I only have 2 weeks left!

  4. Wow you look great for 36 weeks and with twins! My sister-in-law just gave birth to identical twins at 33 weeks pregnant and they are doing great.

    Good luck!