Monday, March 8, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier For Target

I'm so sorry that I've been MIA this past week. Had a minor surgery last Monday and spent the rest of the week recovering. So I'm back this week and I thought I checked out the latest Go International designer that hit Target from yesterday.

O.K- what was he (Jean Paul Gaultier) thinking? The whole range are dissapointing. The yellow halter dress that I thought was one of the ok looking from the picture feels like the waterproof plastic from your high school backpack. The trench coat was okay considering they are only $59.99-so if you need trench coat real bad I think this is fine.

I saw some real leather jackets, looks great on the picture but they are too short for my liking. The rests are not worth mentioning really, the gold swimsuit is blah, the blue floral skirt once again made from waterproof plastic material, boring nautical tee and black short sleeve blazer, I can go on.
But do check them out for yourself if you're curious, I personally won't be buying anything from this range (and my wallet will thank me!). I hope the Zac Posen range in April will be much better.



  1. Hope you are feeling well after your surgery! Take care!

  2. Thank you dear, I'm fine-only few stitches!